Workshop on PXRD in pharmaceutical and Materials Industry

Organizer: Prof. T. N. Guru Row, IISc., Bangalore

Co-organizer: Prof. B. Padmanabhan, NIMHANS, Bangalore

Characterization of pharmaceutical and functional materials is a prerequsite in modern industry. The workshop is intended to familiarise users of X-ray diffraction techniques for characterization of pharmaceutical and materials. The talks cover the basics of diffraction, techniques and methodologies, examples of applications in industry followed by a hands on training on the use of X'pert highscore plus package. In addition, a webinar on the use and dissemination of diffraction data contained in PDF4+ will be conducted by exports from the headquaters of ICDD in Philedelphia, USA.

Tentative Programme Schedule

8:30-9:15 AMRegistration
9:15-10:00 AM Inaguration and Introductory Talk
Speaker: Prof. T. N. Guru Row, IISc, Bangalore
10:00-10:30 AM Tea/Coffee
10:30-11:00 AM TOPIC: To be announced
Speaker: Dr. Amol G Dikundwar, Research investigator Biocon-BMS R&D Centre, Bangalore
11:00-11:30 AM TOPIC:
Dr. Martin Schreyer, Application Specialist XRD Malvern Panalytical, The Netherlands
11:30-12:00 PM TOPIC:
Prof. Nalini G. Sundaram, Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research, Bangalore
12:00-12:30 PM TOPIC:
Dr. Umesh Tiwari, Product Marketing, Asia Pacific, Malvern Panalytical, Singapore
12:00-01:30 PM Lunch
01:30-03:00 PM Hands on training
Dr. Diptikanta Swain, IISc, Bangalore
03:00-03:30 PM Tea/Coffee
03:30-04:45 PM Hands on training (Cont.)
05:00-7:30 PM Webinar by ICDD
07:30 PM Dinner